Sunday, December 25, 2011

A very Swinging, Vintage Christmas

A non-encyclopedic post this time; a more personal post recapping my Christmas...

© spread [spread on Facebook]
I hope my friend Zoie does not mind me using this photo of hers, but I just love this deer reminding me of my ‘80s childhood. The photo belongs to her upcoming project Spread Gallery [not allowed to say more]. I hope the project goes great, that it makes her very happy and that it brings her some much needed money...
Swinging with the Athens Lindy Hoppers again and again...

Our teachers are completely nuts and wonderful! Watch them here:

Christmas Party / Athens Lindy Hop [Mariangela, Nefeli, Alex], photo © Athena Liaskou
Attending Past Tense Vintage & Crafts bazaar...chatting with the lovely Swell Dame []...buying some of La Boom’s creations for friends close to my heart []. I need to note that the artist is as wonderful as her art.

Going through my mom’s old photos to find something winter-y or Christmacy for Les Broderies Anglaises' 'Winter Wonderland' photo contest and coming across such fabulous vintage photos from a trip in Vienna back in 1971...the one on the right is the one I entered in the contest and was one of the winning photos...!!

Winning a double invitation for Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums @ Half Note Jazz Club and attending with my fellow lindy hopper Roly ‘Flapper’. We enjoyed them very much!!

Finally, making this huge Christmas present to myself. All original recordings from the '30s, '40s and '50s. I am listening to them all day long - a big thanx to my friend Hector for suggesting them to me.

I hope we all have a happy new year with lots of joy, love and health!!! [jobs and money would not be such a bad idea either...] Swing you out there!!!!!
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